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You Bet Right:

You wanna lie and tell the world that it’s all right
You wanna give em what they want to pacify
You wanna live with plastic smiles and curt replies
You wanna lie? You wanna lie? You wanna lie

Well it’s hard to tell, It’s like I never said farewell. I watch the
ships set sail, into the night. Well it’s hard to tell, when it’s time
to ring the bell. I’m stronger, but you bet right. And I know
what it meant to me. And I know she felt the same. But it’s been
six months since we went walking, And the future’s still miles away
You were right; I’m not okay
You were right; I’m not okay

Today my world is spinning, tomorrow never arrives
They say that time is medicine, well I don’t think I’m healing right

Back to stitching up my bitching mouth. Back to wishing I were
far away. Back to feeling I didn’t give enough. Back to flinching
when I hear your name
Smash the kind of tale I wanna tell. Smash the kind of game I
wanna play. Smash the kind of view I’d like to have. It’s all the same
I’m still the same, I’m not okay


Additional Notes:

Produced and Recorded by The Strand at Strandland.
This song was originally released on Diatom in 2004 by The Strand.
Written by Dave Strand and Kimberly Brown
In Tempe, Arizona USA 2002-2004.
Mastered by Steve Laskarides at NR Mastering.

Cover micrograph photography © Dee Breger 2003
Bottom photography courtesy of Bernd Kaufmann
More work by Bernd Kaufman at http://www.aquamax.de
Interior diatom photographs courtesy of Billy Simper
and students at The University of Texas at Austin
CD layout and design by Dave Strand