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Run or Escape:

You know the forest creeps with creatures in the dark
You hear them coming before you have to send them off
The wind is rushing as you’re running through the dark
The moon is comforting when home is so far off
You feel the beat of drums, the pumping of your heart
You see a flash of light above the tall treetops
And now your happy even running without aim
Not going anywhere, but going just the same

Wanna feel alive? Wanna feel alive? Don’t think, don’t hide!
Wanna go, right? Wanna go, right? So fast they can’t catch up!
Wanna feel alive Wanna feel alive. Don’t think, don’t hide!
Wanna go, right? Wanna feel? Wanna go, right? Wanna Feel?

Home is so far when everything is gold, Real!
Where everything is free, Real!
When every place is home, Real!
When lights will guide your shoes, Edit! Edit! Edit!
Highness, your greatness, your worship, you’re the
one above. The finest, the greatest, the bravest
swordsman of them all. You love it you feel it
your running out of time, oh god you’re crashing
dying! You’re crashing dying! You Failed! You died!
Oh no, can’t give up!


Additional Notes:

Produced and Recorded by The Strand at Strandland.
This song was originally released on Diatom in 2004 by The Strand.
Written by Dave Strand and Kimberly Brown
In Tempe, Arizona USA 2002-2004.
Mastered by Steve Laskarides at NR Mastering.

Cover micrograph photography © Dee Breger 2003
Bottom photography courtesy of Bernd Kaufmann
More work by Bernd Kaufman at http://www.aquamax.de
Interior diatom photographs courtesy of Billy Simper
and students at The University of Texas at Austin
CD layout and design by Dave Strand