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Chicks Suck (or Guys Suck):

No more bark and no more bite.
Nowadays I don’t put up a fight.
Some rules I break some rules I bend.
But don’t you ever ever ever let me date again, because...
Chicks Suck! (chicks suck)
Guys Suck! (guys suck)
Chicks Suck! (chicks suck)
Guys Suck! (guys suck)
Fade out of sight so no one sees.
You’re spreading rumors like a bad disease.
When I’m back, then you’re bold,
When I’m cold, then you bite!
It’s the way, that you mold,
It’s the way that you fight!
Your conversation style is killing me inside.
You never listen to me, it’s always time to hide.
You should have censored all those nasty cliches’.
You haven’t got what I need anyways.


Additional Notes:

Released by The  Strand in 2000 on In The Trench. Produced at Strandland in Tempe, AZ.  Lyrics and songwriting Dave Strand. Additional vocals by Kimberly Brown. Digital mastering by Steve Laskarides of NRMastering. CD Cover art by X7AD (Toby Tyler Heidebrink)