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Victim need to crucify.
Victim screams bitter cries.
Victim needs to simplify.
Drink your sex and eat your fucking lies!
Erase the vision, enslave my rage.
Erase persistence, erase my place.
Betray or listen, to hone the pigeon.
Avoid true prison, and corrupt my brain.

Dread division! Dread the lies!
Taste the way! We race or die!

What you eat is what you shit.
What you shit is who you are.
Who you are is who we love.
What we love is what you eat. <2>


Additional Notes:

Released by The  Strand in 2000 on In The Trench. Produced at Strandland in Tempe, AZ.  Lyrics and songwriting Dave Strand. Digital mastering by Steve Laskarides of NRMastering. CD Cover art by X7AD (Toby Tyler Heidebrink)