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Deceived (The Azoic RMX):

They’re gunna wanna point their dirty fingers at us, my friends.
They’ll try and say it was the violent movies, of the awful noise
we call music. They’ll try and corrupt our freedom by telling us
what’s acceptable to wear, and what kind of friends to have. And
they’ll try and tell us what beauty is, and how to fake it. They’ll
provoke all sorts of ridiculous categorizing. Their concern is to
take advantage of fear, and exploit ignorance. And all the
wickedness which we endure from false accusation is fine.
Because we have something they desperately crave,
our independence!
Constant aggravation from the eyes that seek me out.
The pointing of the finger to the freak amidst the crowd.
Blame the little darkness that sits upon the steps.
For fear they’d truly find the demon lurking in their chest.
And several wounds--- they open wide.
Only feeds more blood--- to a thirsty god.
To heal the weak--- would be such sacrifice.
To honor the dead--- would come at such a price.

They feed their fear to the corporate slaves.
But we don’t give a damn what the media claims.
Every epidemic keeps the public at bay.
Now we know what role the innocent plays. <ch>

Hey, huah, oww, respect! And gimme it, respect! And do it!
Respect! and gimme it, respect! And do it!


Additional Notes:

Released by The  Strand in 2000 on In The Trench. Produced at Strandland in Tempe, AZ.  Lyrics and songwriting Dave Strand. Remix by Steve Laskarides of The Azoic. Digital mastering by Steve Laskarides of NRMastering. CD Cover art by X7AD (Toby Tyler Heidebrink)