Our new Steam Punk theme!
Pictures from January 12th at Chasers in Scottsdale, AZ
This was the first show for new members, Elias Lewter and Laura McQuaig

Dave Strand Steam Punk Style!
Laura McQuaig and The StrandSteve Laskarides Steampunk Style!Laura McQuaig of StrandMakeup by MerrilStrand rockin out at Chasers in AZSteampunk!Laskarides rocks his Roland KeytarScott Levy rocks his KeytarThe StrandLaura hooks up the fans with a high five!Guys SuckGuys SuckElias Lewter Ice Blast +5Elias Lewter of StrandDave StrandStrand cant hear youChicks Suck!EliasCowboy SteampunkCowboy SteampunkDave StrandThe Strand at Chasers Jan 12 2008Steve Laskarides
The Strand 2006 Photo by Lix

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