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Elias Lewter new drummer

Had our first band practice with Elias Lewter on drums, and it was pretty awesome.  Dude can rock out for sure.  Now the task of dividing up his parts among the existing keyboard players.  They seem to be up to the challenge, so rock on.  A few more practices and we’ll have the songs dialed in for the gig on October 27th with Combichrist, Komor Kommando, Hardwire and The Strand at Nightmare on Main Street!   It’s gunna be a huge event, with a lot of beer vendors, out door block party vibe, and I saw this promo video for it a couple days ago. Swing by the facebook page linked above and proudly state your attendance!

Bryon Anderson resigns

Strange days in Strandland.  As of last week, our drummer Bryon Anderson officially resigned from The Strand.  To quote Bryon, “All the constant band obligations (practice/shows/hours loading and lifting) is just not fun or fulfilling anymore. I’m really looking forward to being done with it for a while and having my weekends back.” He also went on to say, “I enjoy the friendships & gatherings we all have, but the music part of my life has become more burden than fun. Mostly work and not much creativity.” I can understand what he means, it is a lot of work.  Plus Bryon has been playing in more than one band for the better part of a decade.  Still, we had some great times, from our early gigs at the Mason Jar, to the AOR / RFA gigs, the Grave parties, and three CD release parties.  Especially good times during the out of state gigs, like the Midwest tour, the SLC gigs, and the infamous New Mexico gigs. All in all roughly 68 shows with The Strand spanning almost 10 years of rocking out.  His skill, style, humor, and songwriting will surely be missed.  Farewell Bryon.

Alas, Strand-life must go on. Consequently, starting immediately our new drummer is our very own Elias Lewter.  Bet you didn’t know this, but as well as a being an amazing singer, songwriter, keyboardist, Elias is also an accomplished drummer.  He started playing drums when he was in third grade and started his music career in his first band, Monkey Bite! He went on to also play drums in PLF, Dubok, and then Pressure:Penetration. Not to mention playing occasional keys for Flesh Field, and then Manda and the Marbles.  Elias of course is also the current front man for Access Zero.   Let’s just say, the dude’s got skills and we’re happy to have him on the team.  He’s already picking out a SICK drum kit, and looking forward to rocking out.



The Strand at Nightmare on Main St with Combichrist, Komor Kommando, and Hardwire!

Facebook Event Page HereSaturday October 27 – Combichrist, Komor Kommando, Hardwire, The Strand at Nightmare on Main St.

Nightmare On Main St, Monsterland, Horns & Halos Productions and Downtown Mesa Association are pleased to announce Nightmare On Main St THE BIGGEST HALLOWEEN PARTY IN ARIZONA!!! Sponsored by Whal & 98 KUPD!!!! This event is ages 16 or older event!!! If you want to drink ID is required!!!!!

*Beer Festival

*Food Trucks
*Fire Dancers
*Live Music
*Monsterland Haunted House
*Costume Contest HUGE Cash Prizes
-Grand Prize $1000.00 CASH!!!!

This event will be jam packed with scary good times for everyone!!!!!! (General Admission (16+))

COMBICHRIST in their only US appearance in 2012

16 Year of age or older gets you inside, 21+ to Drink and MUST HAVE ID!!!
DOES NOT include exclusive VIP Party or the Haunted House


Nightmare on Main St + Letz Massacre + Monsterland Haunted House 21+ ONLYfeaturing

COMBICHRIST in their only US appearance in 2012

The Strand

Letz Masscare Joe Letz(Combichrist) & Megan Massacre(TLC’s NY Ink)

21 or Older!!!! ID IS REQUIRED!!!!! This VIP Pass INCLUDES ACCESS to the Block Party, VIP Party inside of Monsterland & Experience the Monsterland Hauted Attraction (one time only). TICKETS ALSO AVAILABLE AT MONSTERLAND! VIP Party is ONLINE ONLY! Get them fast there are only 200 VIP tickets available!