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Upcoming gigs!

There are two upcoming gigs, first of all we’re playing with a SLEW of bands including Access Zero and Laconic this coming Saturday October 24th at the Venue of Scottsdale. It’s gunna be frickin crazy, the promoter tells us that there are already 700 presale tickets sold. $10 presale


The Strand is confirmed to open for NITZER EBB DEC 16th when they come thru on their Industrial Complex Tour. It will be at the Marquee Theater, I have presale tickets already for sale at our shop. Also on the bill is Audra! Should be an amazing event, and a great honor to support Nitzer Ebb and at such a ass-kicking venue! $20 presale

Holy moses!

Our gig last night was amazing! Thank you SO MUCH to *Sadisco for having us on, and eternal thanks to the fans for your heart-felt support. You guys/gals are the freak’n best. It was PACKED! I know there are many photos to come.

I would like to let everyone know that our friends Vertigo Venus are coming thru town and many of The Strand members will be hanging out this Thursday to see them and Human Experimentation play. (October 1st) It’s at Chasers again, just to clarify The Strand is only hangin out, not playing. So come and have a beer with us, I won’t be running around like a maniac, and should have more time to kick it.

And yes, our next gig is October 24th at the VENUE of SCOTTSDALE. Ooooh, Ahhhh! Big stage, big venue. We’re playin there with Access Zero and a bundle of other varied acts for a Halloween festival by K&Z Productions. Actually I have presale tickets for that, it’s just 10 bucks if you buy them presale and there’s like ten billion bands, so it’s worth it. Email me at The Strand’s myspace and I can get you the tickets.