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Slight delay with the new tunes.

I built a brand new music computer… and so, there have been some delays in finishing up the new tracks I’ve been talking about. The transition between two computers is complete, and now I can get back to finishing up the tracks. We will certainly have them up on our myspace before the next Strand concert, because it is there that we will debut two new songs.

Once again, thanks if you voted in our contest to choose which theme we will dress in for that September 2nd gig. The one chosen is from the picture shown above. Consequently I am pulling out the old goggles, and our new members are hitting up the Army Surplus stores and the internet to gear up for the theme.

Below is a flyer for the upcoming show… and don’t forget, The Strand hits the stage early Wednesday at 9pm, followed by a great lineup. Please show up early, if you can.

My wallpaper to remind me…

Sometimes when I’m song writing I lose track of where I was going, and get caught up
in some musical tangent. Such was the case on a few tracks from our 2008 Destroyers
CD. Cough, Stole Yer Boyfriend, Cough, Cough. 🙂 Consequently we’ve made specific
goals for the new Strand cd, and to remind me WHY I continue to write music, and WHO
the real fans are, I made a new wallpaper for my music computer.×900.jpg

I will use this image as inspiration. And when I start to over-think a song, or wander from our original path, you guys will be here to help.

Poll Complete! Winning theme…

Thanks to everyone who voted, our poll is complete and the winning theme you picked is our 2006 Post Apocalyptic (Green Goggles) theme! Truly one of my favs. Consequently you will get to see The Strand perform in that gear on September 2nd at 9pm at Chasers. Later that evening Hardwire, Stiff Valentine and SMP rock out. Here’s a flyer with all the details for that event, and another photo from the 2006 theme seen below! Expect corn starch!