Madeline and Strand Videos Posted

First off, I am happy to report that Dave and Kelly’s baby was born October 25th, 2012.  She’s very healthy and at the time of this posting 1 month old!   You can read more about her Dave… Read More

Elias Lewter new drummer

Had our first band practice with Elias Lewter on drums, and it was pretty awesome.  Dude can rock out for sure.  Now the task of dividing up his parts among the existing keyboard players.  They seem to be… Read More

Bryon Anderson resigns

Strange days in Strandland.  As of last week, our drummer Bryon Anderson officially resigned from The Strand.  To quote Bryon, “All the constant band obligations (practice/shows/hours loading and lifting) is just not fun or fulfilling anymore. I’m really looking forward to… Read More

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