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Kickstarter Success and Cloud Quinot

Ultimate thanks to everyone who contributed to our successful kickstarter campaign and a special shout out to Corry S. who in the last hour INCREASED their donation from $25 to $38 just to push us up to the $1900 mark! Way cool. I am literally dropping the files off for Mastering today with Then the art comes and then it’s off for pressing. Those who have donated to the kickstarter will get the discs and shirts as soon as they are available. Stay tuned for announcements regarding our official CD release party. 

If you are a band, a writer, or a person looking for amazing fantasy art, I highly recommend Cloud Quinot from the Philippines. Check out his portfolio CloudMineDesigns, he is supplying The Strand with our album art. Here’s a link to the art that will be on the cover of our album, and be sure to commission him or shoot him some PayPal for some amazing art rendered. He’s great to work with, and uber talented.

Pirate Party and Combat Advantage update!

The Strand is nearing completion of our new album titled “Combat Advantage”, and thanks to the fans this new CD is completely funded via the Kickstarter page, where you can pre-order the new album and shirts. Combat Advantage will be completed in April 2012 and will be available for purchase in May of 2012. Hey we also have a halfway decent Facebook page if you need to reach us.Also on April 21st The Strand is hosting our second annual Pirate Party! And this time, Ninjas are welcome. We will have two amazing DJs, dj con and DJ_DARK_MARK and as always a live performance by The Strand. It’ll be at Chasers, so swing by the event page for more details.