Announcement #2

As you may have heard in our previous post, The Strand’s drummer Elias Lewter has resigned, and that has left our band wondering, “ok, so now what?” We ‘could’ start the process of finding a new drummer, rehearse,… Read More

Matthew Elias Lewter resigns from The Strand

My heart strings are tugged to publicly announce that our drummer Matthew Elias Lewter is resigning from our band The Strand.  He made this announcement to the band a about month ago, on August 30th 2016.   This news… Read More

Oscillation 2016!

We are super exited to announce The Strand will be performing at the Oscillation Festival on October 14th in Albuquerque New Mexico! Some of our most memorable gigs have been in NM, and we are so stoked they… Read More

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