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You Make Me CraZy remix by Daggrr at…

You might know the artist Daggrr from his past projects, current projects, solo projects, or pirate parties! He decided to whip up a kick ASS remix of our song You Make Me Crazy. If you would like to hear the remix, swing by his myspace profile at Also, click on some of his current projects and goings on!

P.S. if you too, would like to try your hand at a remix, we have several remix kits available for free download at our website.

Thanks Daggrr! The remix is amazing!

Strand Street Team Strike Force!

Sometimes it’s really hard for us to flyer those HARD TO REACH PLACES, and so we’re uniting our street teams on myspace. Also, there’s more music over there to add/hear for everyone.

Check it, the brand new, and under-pimped Strand Street Team Myspace!

Add the tunes, and join up if you want to help out!

Also, let me know if there’s some Strand song you’ve been wanting to add to your profile, and maybe I’ll throw it up on that page for you.