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CD Released, Tour complete!

4/24/08 The
Strand is proud to announce our NEW CD is RELEASED!!! Order it directly
from the band at the digitalstore, or come check out our CD Release concert
JUNE 14th at Chasers in Arizona.

Buy or Download New Strand CD!

Only $10!

Note: All real CD purchases also are granted immediate mp3 CD access.


04/24/08 We also have
an assault of concerts coming to many states across the USA! We’ve never
performed in many of these states, so please come support us!

You can also buy the
new cd at any of our concert performances IN CALIFORNIA, ILLINOIS, WISCONSIN,
This is our first time in many of these states, we are looking forward
to meeting some new friends and rocking out!

Archived 4/24/08

4/07/08 There are new
from the kickass house party we played on April 5th! We’re
sorry if you didn’t hear about it, it was a private party we were hired
to rock!

3/27/08 There are new songs and three free downloads at our myspace
page! It’s to celebrate our NEW CD which will be released here in MAY,
and promote our upcoming TOUR! (Dates below). Also check out our Steampunk
. Additionally we tweaked our online
to allow for immediate downloads when you purchase a Mail Order

3/12/08 Added a link on the concert page, to some great images from The
Strand at Grave concert.

3/9/08 Much love to all of our new fans we met at Grave last night, and
to all our hard-core fans who have supported us over the years! You guys
are all amazing. I forgot to mention at the Grave party that we have an
all ages show on April 13th at Chasers. It’s only $3 if you’re before
10pm. See the flyer —>

3/1/08 I posted a
page with our new Steampunk
. They were online before but this page is easier to navigate.

2/20/08 Usually I
don’t come with much information but this time I’ve got a nice bit of
news for you. First off, our CD will be released in May for our tour.
I realize that this deadline will totally kick my own ass, but it’s about
time we got this new one out. That means in late May or early June we’ll
have a CD release concert!

Here is the list of upcoming Strand concerts, some of the details are
still being hashed out. If you live in these cities, please help us spread
the word!