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Tour and CD !

Usually I don’t come with much information but this time I’ve got a
nice bit of news for you.

First off, our CD will be released in May for our tour. I realize
that this deadline will totally kick my own ass, but it’s about time
we got this new one out. That means in late May or early June we’ll
have a CD release concert!

Here is the list of upcoming Strand concerts, some are still being
confirmed. For the complete list of information please visit our

Mar 8 2008 Grave Gothic Rave Festival at Area in Phoenix, Arizona

Apr 13 2008 Chasers with Vertigo Venus, Bella Lune in Scottsdale, Arizona

May 10 2008 Booking Minnesota (unconfirmed)

May 11 2008 Darkroom w/ Cyanotic in Chicago, Illinois

May 12 2008 w/ The Gothsicles in Madison, Wisconsin

May 13 2008 Booking Eau Claire, WI (unconfirmed)

May 14 2008 Booking TBA

May 15 2008 Crump Theater in Indiana

May 16 2008 Booking Columbus, Ohio (unconfirmed)

May 17 2008 Booking Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (unconfirmed)

June – CD Release Party (411 TBA)

Thanks, if you have any questions feel free to email me. The new cd
is still untitled.

-Dave Strand

Goodbye, Hello

—–Posted Wed Dec 19, 2007

Sometimes all the thought, planning, and hard work still ends in bad

We are very sorry to announce that our Making The Strand winner,
Esmeralda Villalobos, did not work out as the new singer for The
Strand. She won the band over in her spirited auditions, but this past
weekend the band concluded it just wasn’t working out the way we had
hoped it would. This decision was not a reflection of her skills, she
is very talented and we wish her the best.

The Strand is still set to perform on January 12th. An announcement
will be made regarding her replacement.

—–Continued Mon Dec 24, 2007

We are very pleased to welcome Laura McQuaig The Strand’s new female
vocalist. She was among the top performers at our auditions, and we’re
very glad she agreed to come aboard, even with such short notice. Her
voice, can-do attitude, and Rock-Band skills make for a very nice
addition to The Strand. Please stop by her myspace and meet the
former ice skater, and new born rock goddess.

Laura’s Myspace

The Strand’s Myspace

Our show on January 12th is still on!

Also, we are looking to book a midwest tour in April. Let us know if
you know any promoters interested in The Strand LIVE!

Thanks guys,

I would also like to thank the fans for their patience and continual
support of our band.

-Dave Strand

MTS announcement 01

The Strand Logo - Industrial Music

Breaking News!

10/10/07 – We are proud and exited to announce Esmeralda Villalobos is
the new female vocalist for The Strand! Her voice, enthusiasm, skills,
and personality, earned her a unanimous decision! Additionally we would
like to announce Elias of Access Zero has replaced Jeremy Reich on keyboards.
Jeremy resigned from The Strand late September during the auditioning
process. We look forward to a long exiting adventure, filled with amazing
concerts and kickass new music with these two talented new Strand members!

Elias and Esmeralda Villalobos of The Strand

Elias and Esmeralda at the final auditions!