Arizona, Hollywood, New Mexico

In just a couple weeks Dave Strand will be dressing all 80’s Hair Metal and hitting the stage with the rest of The Strand for Jonah’s Totally Radical 80’s Birthday Party in Arizona!   So many great bands will… Read More

Surprise!! The Strand LIVE this coming MONDAY! (6/13/16)

Hey everybody!  We’re playing a surprise set at The Rogue in Scottsdale this coming Monday (6/13/16) as a part of The Nu Skool: Gothic World Music event taking place there.  Other acts performing include La Fin Absolute Du Monde, The… Read More

The Strand Cassettes Circa 1992-1999

I’m totally bringing some ancient Strand cassettes to work and digitizing them!  A bunch of our very first music, never before heard here.  Some of it was written on Dave’s Amiga 1200 computer and dubbed with live vocals… Read More

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