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Download 10 free songs by The Strand

DO YOUR HOMEWORK for our upcoming gigs.. here’s a link to FREE MP3S of 10 songs we will be performing later this month!  Most of our glorious fans already own these songs, so think of this as a GREAT LINK to send or share with people who might not yet know The Strand.  Know someone who owns combat boots?   Know someone with a studded collar?  Know someone who wears a lot of black?  Send em the link.  So, yeah.. Here’s some free music to try and hook a few new listeners, and to prepare you for our upcoming two gigs.




Mike Marsh joins The Strand !

We are very exited to announce Mike Marsh as the new member of The Strand. You likely know Mike as the guitarist for HARDWIRE or possibly as the actor in The Great American Snuff Film. Mike Marsh kicks ass as a musician and we are thrilled to have him on board! His first ever show with The Strand will be August 28th with The Strand, Stiff Valentine, Amnestic, and Slave Unit at the Rogue! Please be there to check it out and give him a hearty Strand welcome!