Welcome to 2009!

Hey guys and gals! I want to take this moment to thank all the friends, fans, promoters, bands, and innocent bystanders who rocked with us in 2008! Your support has kept the music alive over the years, and made our lives interesting and fun. In 2008 The Strand released a new cd, toured the midwest, welcomed new band members, and played more shows than ever before! In 2009 we plan to release new riff driven, dance oriented, industrial music and book more shows when the time is right. Many thanks, now BACK TO THE STUDIO! For now, you can follow Dave Strand’s Twitter or YouTube videos to see some behind the scenes videos and blogs.

Guess what? Half off sale for Holidays!

If you were ever thinking of picking up a Strand CD or four, or buying a Strand shirt, now is the time. All CDs and shirts are now HALF off through our online store until 2009! Use the link below or visit www.strandland.com to access the sale.

access granted

Thanks, and happy holidays.
-Dave Strand

Great way to end 2008! Super VILLAIN Video!

We want to thank all the bands and fans for coming out and rocking hard core at our last gig of the year. The Strand is gunna take December off to hang out, play video games, party, and whenever possible play more D&D. (Yes 4.0, and I like it!)

In the next couple days, watch our myspace.com/thestrand for new band images from our show this past weekend and here is the intro video we rolled before the screen raised with us standing behind it!

Much love and respect.

For more Strand-Related videos, including Video Blogs and Behind the Scenes goto youtube.com/davestrand

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